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CapitalScholar empowers you to easily send your scholarship funds to colleges and universities through fast and secure ACH transfers. No need to seek out your college’s information, we have everything you need to make sure your funds make it to the right place with no fuss.

Stop wasting time tracking down outdated information and wrestling with the bank. Let us take care of the mundane details so you can focus on the important work.

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Know where your funds are every step of the way

Automated emails

We send automatic emails to you and your students every step of the way so you’re kept in the know. Get notified when the funds hit the college’s bank account, when the college starts processing the payment, and when the student can expect to see the credit in their account.

Everything you need to know about a payment is available to you anytime and anywhere. With our platform you can know the status of a payment, which students it applies to, and any processing hold ups, all with a single click.

Never wonder where your check is again.

CapitalScholar gives you control over who has access to view information and make payments on your organization’s behalf. You can choose who has access to certain information, who may collaborate with colleges and students, and whether you require payments be reviewed and approved by executive staff. It’s your choice.

Secure & straight-forward collaboration

We make it easy to collaborate and communicate with colleges and students. A secure FERPA-compliant student dashboard gives you and your providers the information needed for a smooth disbursement process – from the student's enrollment status to how much they should expect to receive in scholarship funds for the following term.

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