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Make your disbursement process lightning fast

With CapitalScholar your scholarship providers can send you funds fast. They simply fill out a form with all the information you need and the funds are sent to you directly by ACH transfer. Along with the payment you'll receive a handy report with all the information you need.

No more checks in the mail, no more papers to scan. Just fast funds and simple processes.

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Know where your funds are every step of the way

Automated emails

We send you automatic emails every step of the way so you’re kept in the know. Is a payment transfer in process? An email is in your inbox. Transfer complete? Boom. Another email.

We’re here to help your whole disbursement process run smoother.

Everything you need to know about a payment is available to you anytime and anywhere. With our platform you will know the status of a payment, who the recipients are, how to split the disbursement, and more. All in just one click.

Our payment dashboard gives you an easy-to-read overview of where each of your students' disbursements is in the process. Quickly act on disbursements and view incoming payments in a single view.

Secure & straight-forward collaboration

We make it easy to collaborate and communicate with scholarship providers and students. A secure FERPA-compliant student dashboard gives you and your providers the information needed for a smooth disbursement process – from the student's enrollment status to how much they should expect to receive in scholarship funds for the following term.

Streamline your scholarship disbursement process today with CapitalScholar

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