About us

Get to know the CapitalScholar team

Our mission is to increase access to affordable education by simplifying scholarship payments.

In a digital world, it didn't make sense to us why scholarship providers were still sending checks. Our team believes in utilizing technology to make life simpler, not harder. That’s exactly what we’ve created CapitalScholar to be. Simple.


Accept and manage outside scholarship funds

Scholarship providers

Digitally transfer funds and track their progress


Check their scholarship payment status anytime, anywhere

The founders

CapitalScholar was founded in 2018 by two founders, Sam and Andrea. Previous to founding CapitalScholar, both founders started companies that focused on simplifying the scholarship process. Based in Silicon Valley, California and Austin, Texas, the founders have become dedicated to providing the easiest, secure platform to digitally transfer scholarship funds.

Sam Stuber, Co-Founder

As a former college counselor Sam saw it all. After spending countless hours helping students to find and apply for scholarships she decided the process could be so much better. Now she devotes her time to helping university administrators and scholarship providers spend less time worrying about transferring payments and more time assisting students.

Andrea Robertson, Co-Founder

Andrea is passionate about education and using technology to make people's lives easier. After graduating from Texas A&M University she spent eight years working in non-profit tech before branching out to co-found CapitalScholar. Now she's working hard to ensure that scholarship payments are no longer held up by manual payment processes.

Our team looks forward to helping you make education more accessible to students everywhere.